Meet the Authors

Mike and Kathy StaransMike and Kathy Staran live with their cat, Hemingway, in Michigan. They have been happily married for 24 years. Both self-employed, Mike Staran is an established executive working in the alternative energy and automotive fields. Kathy Staran works and attends college in the field of Interior Design and also        enjoys a free-lance writing career.

Their cat, Hemingway, enjoys a life of luxury and allows Mike and Kathy to live with him.

The Starans have frequented Key West Florida for the past 19 years. Their trips began as semi-yearly trips, and then quickly changed to visits every 6-9 months. They enjoy the sun, surroundings and people of Key West. To them, the eclectic city and its people are their home as well as their “paradise.”

Mark and Karen Stevens were a successful upper middle class couple from Troy, Michigan. Having finally found an opportunity to move to their Paradise, Key West, the Stevenses find their first year their to be one of new beginnings, old acquaintances, new acquaintances, jealousy, intrigue and murder. Come with us on a trip so real that you will soon find yourself in themiddle of an incredible journey.